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The Pacific 34.1, is the smallest of the “Pacific” series, of which it is the spearhead, a high-level boat that moves the concept of R.I.B. forward, an all-day cruiser, usable for high-end cruises, as a large tender, up to the role of support boat for maxi yachts, with a high-level cabin cruiser pedigree and a sport-driven DNA giving adrenaline from water scooter, perfectly combining sportiness, versatility, comfort and functionality, streamlined and sporty in its exterior design, with the characteristic double two-tone belt line (second color to choose), 4 versions: “Open, Tender, Walkroud, Cruiser ”, 4 the variants:“ Comfort, Elegant, Fly, Luxury ”, make the project of this boat considerably modular, able to satisfy and fulfill every need of the final customer, characteristics that combined with the total and complete possibility to customize the whole construction , from the choice of the external color to the color of the interior floors, passing through the external and internal upholstery, color and wood essences, total customization action of the wet room, the coloring of the internal and external cushions and even the color of the walls and internal bulkheads, make it possible to satisfy every desire or request. A sleek and modern exterior design marked by sportiness, but without absolutely limiting the liveability and comfort of life on board both inside and outside, the interiors then deserve a separate chapter, giving a surprising contrast of elegance, comfort and functionality, given the nature sport of the boat, you will be surprised by the attention to detail, the elegance of the solutions, the large spaces with a maximum height of 1.94 Cm below deck, the large external windows, the study in the realization of the furniture, never intrusive in the spaces, make the below deck incredibly airy, spacious and elegant, as well as functional, there are many compartments present for stowage of luggage, provisioning or any other material must accompany you on the journey or life on board.
Its performance is noteworthy, offering adrenaline from water scooters, despite its size and weight, which cannot be underestimated, with performance, and speed of relief, safe, reliable in all weather conditions, it can reach a maximum speed, close to 50 knots depending on the engine installed on board, and a quiet and stable cruising speed of around 35 knots (data referring to the cruiser version, with adequate motorization), keeping an excellent view at sea, thanks to its low profile windscreen. The well organized and complete driving console allows to have all the functions under control, its rudder with three double spokes of clear sports footprint, but covered with imitation leather in tone with the upholstery complete the driving cockpit. Stable, safe, reliable, thanks to its particular hull design, its two 74 Cm diameter torpedo tubes, the three separate air chambers, the anti-collision “T” at the bow, and a constructive scheme of side members and transoms which make the structure very robust, it is able to face formed seas in adverse weather / sea conditions in total tranquility.Its transportability by land is also easy and versatile thanks to the contained dimensions in just 2.52 m of body width (3.48 m with the tubular swollen) and 9.67 m of homologation length (10.42 m ft), maximum construction height 3 meters, measures that make it easily transportable by land, without having to incur exceptional transport.




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